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joe bakster in da house [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Joe Bakster

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(no subject) [Apr. 27th, 2005|01:47 am]
Joe Bakster
[mood |depresseddepressed]

i met a new wuman n she broked my heart already. im sick n tired of being played with, enuff of that mess. just QUIT IT
ima go lay down n cry myself to sleep huggin my stuffed cody hes all i have i miss cody the real cody
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(no subject) [Apr. 27th, 2005|01:46 am]
Joe Bakster
long fat skinny ones short fat ugly ones
itsy bitsy fuzzy wuzzy WORMS
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(no subject) [Apr. 27th, 2005|01:46 am]
Joe Bakster
nobody likes me everybody hates me guess ill go eat worms
nobody likes me everybody hates me guess ill go eat worms
nobody likes me everybody hates me guess ill go eat worms
nobody likes me everybody hates me guess ill go eat worms
nobody likes me everybody hates me guess ill go eat worms
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(no subject) [Mar. 27th, 2005|05:27 pm]
Joe Bakster
[mood |naughtynaughty]
[music |its not unsual tom jones]

been long time since i posted. i dun have much to talk about neether.
question come to face about new pair er gater boots. these ones here i reckonll suit me jus fine.
mama says they perdy.
i got discount jeans from the kmart down the ways from the farm. route 66 on sale fiddy cent off. that means round 7 dollars a pair.
my grandpappy told me about a movie with someone who reminds him of me. i thought this was mighty nice cos my pappy dun like me much no more. ever since he found out i was having the birds and bees with connie he disown me. he says i didn know her long enuff. we was married fer bout a good months worth to do the nasty. but he says sling blade remind him of me lots. i aint never heard of such a movie but i dang well know it probably aint good if he say the caracter look and remind him of a purson like me.
i need more frenz. im very lonsum. please message on here or i reckon gimme a call.
i gots a new phone line fer me only. no more mom pickin up talkin about rubbish.
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slipknot back in action [May. 23rd, 2004|02:15 am]
Joe Bakster
[mood |crankycranky]
[music |*YMCA*-The Village People]

im cranky cause i cant seem to get to work no more. that darn tractor keeps messin up n i was told by police that it cant be on hiways. now i have to take bubbas 4 wheeler n stay on the side of roads. mama n daddy called n told me bout the problem at the house. roaches infest in daddys back room, the room he uses to watch old rodeos from when livin in tx. he left food in there and mama said its like fightin an army with all of em. mama always had em anyways cause she dont like cleanin.
i got drunk for the first time in mah life last night with gilbert. im 44 yr old n drunk for first time late. i wish my russian bride would have come. she hasnt spoken to me. i never thought about russian gfs but she found me like an angel huntin fer the lord. i miss her. i miss love n havin som1 to shave my hair for me n clippin my toenails. i miss connie lots :(
gilbert n i watched headbraggers ball at his friend tims house n guess who was up there! slipknot! i was pantin cos i was so happy. i cant believe they were on tv! they never been on tv before!
i know this is personal but i need help. we aint got no inserance n mama n daddy never liked doctors, but connies sister was a nurse n i heard things. i think i have hemroyds cos i have a bump out of my anus n pressure. i dont want to go n pay for a doc, can any1 help with it? thankzs much, thanks always-joe bakster
beatrice broke up with me. she told me to grow up n get a job. i been stayin with my neighbor burt... right next to mamas trailer. still i miss em n smellin grits n greens in the mornin. beatrice said i was to worried about my mom but i told her off! I says look here beatrice, that woman broght me into this world with the lords power n i will do everythang n the world to be near her until she goes back home to our father the lord.
beatrice stuck her middle finger up and told me she wanted me to see a head doc. i dont have any head injury tho. she told me im sick n need help. my head is fine.. i aint never got no headaches er nuthin
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(no subject) [Apr. 14th, 2004|11:10 pm]
Joe Bakster
[mood |lovedloved]
[music |lonestar love songs]

been long time since i post. been hangin wiff mah old high scool sweetheart beatrice. she one perdy thang. i found pix of her n mama pix n daddy pix. gilbert let me use his scanner, it is a cool machine. downright fast and pix jus pop up on screen.
beatrice n me datin now, 1 hole week hot dang!

this beatrice now wiff her mama on left.

beatrice in scool.

old pic of daddy at our old nice house. we didn have nice plumin so we had a toilet on porch

old daddy gain.

i got this day for yesturday of mama. she smilin!

mama back in the day.

me 2000 nice n clean cut.

my brother travis

my new horsie mildred.

comment tell me what you thank. yesm
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im a wild man [Mar. 5th, 2004|10:11 pm]
Joe Bakster
[mood |crazycrazy]
[music |wait n bleed-sliopknot]

im a wild man. gilbery gots meh listenin to sum slipknot. some crazy devil band that you listen to when yer parents aint home. if mama wouldef heard meh listenin to this ruckus she woulda done wrapped a rope round mah neck to pull me round da yard in da mud,. i am tryin to get cool wit typin online. the codes n all dat stuff.
i was thinkin bout gettin a mohark mullet. since mah hair is kind of long now gilbert told me that since mowharks are in style with the wild punks that i could be cool wit it. i could just spike up half a moyhark.
i fergot bout life journal. now i am goign to post more bout my life in life journal. i been workin on the farm wit da new potbelly pigs mah uncle leroy ordered with his son fletcher.
i was head bangin wit gilbert in his new truck today to kid rock. bawitdabah. i never heard dat dang song before til now. he said it been out for a long time.
i want a miniature pony. i could save gas money n ride it to work insteada drivin. or maybe i coudl get daddys tractor back on the road. i used to pretend i was workin fo da government n id take it to work n no cops would bust me cause they thought i was goin to a farm or sumthin. cars get mad tho when you be takin so long on da road.
i love piggies. i got new light white gater boots today. my uncle benny made em from hand! he does taxidurmy.
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i back [Dec. 24th, 2003|08:01 pm]
Joe Bakster
[mood |gratefulgrateful]
[music |dwight yolkam]

my mama is the best the best EVER. i love my mama so much she got me a pool for christmas. after church last weekend we sellabreyted early so that i could open mah gift. it was outside in daddys pickup truck. Gosh dang! a pool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

mama took that picky wicky when i was in it. her house in beside it with the perdy pink shutters. i got mah bear shaved if you can tell cos mama didn like it. i thought it was might fine.
i talked daddy into taking a picture cuz i dun have none of him. so here is my daddy. i love him to but he always makin me help him when he uses the bathroom and grows a tail. but he cant help it, he has weak blatter.

yes'm he smilin, thats how he smile. i love my daddy. mama thinks i look liek him. i hope i do when im old.
igot a mail from gilbert when i was here. here it is. he went to texas for his birthday and he said he had his dream of sittin on a chicken. he used to when he was a youngin.

tomorrow i go out to eat at my grandmamas. we havin dumplins and chitlins and gizzars with lots of country gravy. my uncle elroy is makin a pig on the pig grill. my other uncle russell is gonna fix pig pickin cake. itll all be pig pickin good yall!!!!!!! i cant wiat my tummy is all yelling at me right now cause im houngry.
thats all. peace out word yall.
gilbert taught me to say this..
fershizzle meh nizzerl, im out on the bizzerle.
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yo [Nov. 10th, 2003|01:15 am]
Joe Bakster
ive been away for awhile. meh n cody was a few towns over atta horse show there was some coons though i cant talk long mama wants her feet bathed. lata!
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love is hard [Nov. 7th, 2003|08:34 pm]
Joe Bakster
[mood |hornyhorny]
[music |hank williams memorium cd]

so denise turned out to be kind of bitch to me. i told mama bout it n she told meh not to werry about it no more so i aint. i called connies sister patty last night and it turns out that im goin to go out with her now. she real nice and has some nice glasses. i can see her eyes even bigger in them. she really like thongs to har har.
i was sad cos i was gonna call denise n go see her. i found her on whitepages n then she blocked me n then wouldnt talk to me no more. she broke my heart but thats okay. i was kinda cheatin on her but i aint proud. i onestly loved her bunches. she was a doll. but all dolls turn evil n i guess she was havin her time of the month cos she aint never been like that before.
denise baby can i have anuther chance? i will drop patty in a heart beat fer you. i miss you already and yer boob pics.. they made my pants into a circus tent.
im getting hot now i will update later.
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